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Danielle Platt, Computing and Information Technology BSc (hons) 2:1 graduate from the University of Surrey. Junior front-end website developer.

Specilasing in HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery, AngularJS and MySQL. Non-web development skills include Java, Android and C++.

Other roles and activities:

Part-time excutive officer at University of Surrey's Students' Union (Societies Executive Chair). Two years society committee president. Treasurer for Surrey Snowsports, member of the female and mixed skiing race team. Voluntary work for Time to Change (Mind), and Crisis.

I am currently working in France until May 2018, and will be available for work from then onwards.

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I graduated from the University of Surrey in July 2017 with the grade 2:1, with a 73% in my final year project. My final year project was an end-to-end verifiable electronic voting system, developed as an Android application in Java. This worked with a PHP website which connected to the application's database server, in which a voter could check that their vote had been cast correctly.

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I have a passion for designing websites, and have been developing them for many years. In this time, I have seen how website styles and languages have changed, much like fashion, especially through the very progressive early 2000s, to the very clean, cutting edge designs. I believe websites have a personality, and reflect a company's aims and objectives, whilst also putting forth a feel and emotion of a product or a business.

I believe in clean, cutting-edge designs, and love to build a website that stands out from the crowd. I pay a lot of attention to the small details, such as colour, font and fluidity. I also believe that a strong back-end design with thorough and smooth functionality allows for the best user experience.

When I develop websites, a lot of art and emotion goes into them. I aim to develop the best quality product to a deadline.

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Here are some examples of web development projects that I have worked on recently. Please contact me for more examples and screenshots.


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