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My name is Danielle and I am a graduate junior Web developer. This website was built to showcase my development portfolio. I also use it as a place to blog about the things around me, the stuff I'm working on and the cool things that I've seen online.

I am currently available for freelance and full-time projects.

I am a back-end and front-end Web developer, specialising mainly in PHP and the framework, Laravel, and am approaching 1.5 years of industry experience. I have been working as a graduate developer for a start-up business since September 2018 and I have previous experience in medical computer science, developing using OOP PHP and CakePHP.


I graduated from the University of Surrey with a BSc (hons) in Computing and Information Technology with the grade 2:1. Over the course of my degree, I gained experience in the following areas:

- Creating apps
- Creating Web applications using a variety of technologies
- Building and testing software
- Being a part of the whole software development lifecycle, including writing specification
- Creating AI applications
- Analysing data structures and alogirthms

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During my industry experience, and over the course of my degree, I gained exposure to a large amount of technologies, including:

- PHP and Laravel
- JavaScript
- Java
- Android (Java)
- Ruby on Rails

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I believe strongly in individualistic style and a strong and secure back-end. I believe that there is more to the Web than the Bootstrap design style we have seen emerge over the past decade. I feel that websites should be built mobile-first (not just mobile-friendly) and grow with the changes in style and society. I believe in responsive pages, relational databases and practical and elegant design, both for the front-end and for the managed data.

For more details about my previous employment and education, please find me on LinkedIn.

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I am currently based in Bristol and am availble to work in the Bristol/Bath area, or remotely. When I am not busy staring at a screen and tapping on a keyboard, you will find me on a pair of skis or falling off a skateboard.