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Here are some examples of the projects that I have been working on and some technologies that I have enjoyed using.

Royal College of Anaesthetists

Mobile and web layouts for the Royal College of Anaesthetists platform

I have spent my time at Nomensa working as a part of a small team to bug fix and work on new features for the Lifelong Learning Platform for the RCoA. This has been an incredibly exciting project to be on board with, facing the challenges of working with a large, growing system. The Platform has been developed using Laravel 5.8, JavaScript and tested using Unit tests and Behat testing.

Read a UX Case Study about the RCoA project.

Front End Development

Twig logo

I have spent 4 months working as a front-end developer for a company's rebrand. This has mainly consisted of Sass and JavaScript, creating reusable components and pulling it all together using Twig.

Check out the project!
Behat logo
Behat is a really useful framework for PHP, which provides automated testing. I would recommend integrating Behat into any application; it is a tool that I have really been enjoying recently alongside Unit testing.
Isaac Computer Science logo
I have recently worked on making improvements based on an accessibility review for a site recently launched by the University of Cambridge and Raspberry Pi. This is the first React project I've contributed to and it has been really great to work on a project which uses a component library.
Alzheimer's Society's Memory Walk logo
To progress into a Full-Stack developer, I have also had the opportunity to work on making some front-end changes to the Memory Walk website. This has been developing my experience in Sass.
Screenshot of development for the Chalet Bronziers website
Single page Web application currently in development for an alpine chalet.
Sentry logo
Sentry is a really useful tool for developers to track bugs before they get reported - why wait for a customer to report an issue when you can be notified as soon as an exception is thrown? This has been really great for helping with customer support as well as tracking any issues on a staging site before it goes live on production.

University Final Year Project

Screenshot of Final Year Project presentation

'How can we vote electronically in a secure way?' I created a working demo of a verifiable voting system. Created using Java for Android, with a Web application built using object-oriented PHP. This project was based on the Prêt-à-Voter system.

Watch a video about it on Dropbox
Industrial Placement Year

Learn more about my time spent working for NCCPM (National Coordinating Centre for the Physics of Mamography) where I worked as a trainee computer scientist for the Royal Surrey Hospital's Medical Computing department.

Watch a presentation about it on LinkedIn

Laravel Developer

Screenshot of news article about the Chill-Chain project

From September 2018 - February 2019 I worked with the MVC framework Laravel to create both UX/UI oriented front-end applications, and fully functioning back-end only systems to connect APIs.

Read an article about one of the projects I've worked on!

Customer Support

ZenDesk logo

Spending 5 months co-managing a support desk required a lot of 'zen'. I have learned how to balance dealing with customer support, hotfixing bugs and delegating tasks onto colleagues alongside working on projects. The tool I used for this was ZenDesk, which you can find out more about here.

API Integrations
List of APIs worked with: Google Maps, Khaos Control Cloud, Shopify, Volo, Bluepark

I have worked with a variety of APIs to create cross-platform links; I really enjoy working with APIs and the interesting things that you can do with provided data. I look forward to working with more APIs in the future, whether that be for personal projects or in a working environment.

Dashboard screenshot showing server statistic graphs

Perl, PHP & JavaScript Server Management

Created a server management interface using JavaScript, PHP and Perl to provide information to a hospital computing department, in order to notify them of any downtime.

Optimam site screenshot

Optimam Site Redesign

A front-end project for the NCCPM to redesign their Optimam mamography software site in 2016.